We are committed to inspiring a connection with mother nature.
We continually challenge ourselves to find new and eco-friendly ways of designing surf products.
We hope to serve as good stewards in the industry setting a positive example, and inspiring others to take action.

Our products are made of textile waste.
The waste is sorted by color, re-fibered and spun it into new 'recycled' yarn.
This allows us to produce fabrics without dyeing and without using fresh cotton.
We turn the fabrics into products that would have ended in landfill, save huge amounts of fresh water and reduce supply chain carbon emissions.

We are driven by one simple idea: our impact matters.
Our daily decisions and purchases can help minimize our impact.
Supporting sustainable ideas without sacrificing quality.

Surfer Driven

As worshipers of the ocean, we are dedicated to protecting it. Mother nature gives us entertainment and needs to remain awe inspiring for others to indulge in. We understand responsible consumption and production as acknowledging ecological and ethical values in a comprehensive manner, increasing general awareness and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.


The textile industry produces 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics. In a commitment to giving back to mother nature, we aspire to be better stewards of the environment utilizing repurposed waste for surfboard adventure protection.


The goal in launching SHRED required in depth reflection on the production of surfboard bags or 'socks'. Bags often range in size from 6'0-9'6" (183cm-290cm) in length and utilize a hefty amount of material. On average, our products save over 5,852 liters of fresh water and 4.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide per product, compared to virgin material products. This amount of material extrapolated over the surfer population identifies a tangible impact to be seized with recycled materials. Stylish sustainability with re-designed, protective functionality.


We are committed to reduce and to minimize our carbon footprints, to bring knowledge to benefits of recycled materials, and to create a stylized design that makes it seamless.
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